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Connect StarHub TV STB to cable modem?

New Commentator

Connect StarHub TV STB to cable modem?



I have recently subscribe to Hubbing.


From what i understood, the StarHub TV STB need to be connected to a cable point.


I have a cable point in the living room but i do not want to put my TV near this point but on the wall directly opposite this cable.


Is it possible to connect the STB to the CISCO cable modem instead?


My plan is to connect cable point -> CISCO modem -> LAN wall plug -> STB


I did similar setup for my MIO TV, not sure possible with StarHub STB.

Hub Master

Re: Connect StarHub TV STB to cable modem?

Afraid wouldn't be able to do so.

Both the modem and the STB needs to be connected physically to a TV cable point on the wall.

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