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Cable TV down

Valued Commentator

Cable TV down

My Cable TV went blank and the clock display 0:0 and I have called 1633 hotline with no answer.

What is going on? BTW I am from Bukit Panjang.

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Cable TV down

Oh so Starhub TV Cable is  down Man Sad.... I thought it was the setup box giving problem


Sending from Upper bukit Timah- Hillview....


Last nite , I already noticed some issues with the TV transmittion ...


Starhub....please work on it.


Thank you.

New Commentator

Re: Cable TV down

Yes, We also have same problem from Bukit batok.

Star hub, please solve the issue urgently.

Now can view channel and time shows  wrong.


New Commentator

Cable TV down (Woodlands)

My cable TV not working. Error msg reflected as *no signal*. Tried off and on. Re start still not working.
I am from Woodlands area.

Is there anything wrong with the network at my area?
Valued Commentator

Re: Cable TV down

Now it working, what wrong is it?

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Re: Cable TV down

Hey all, 


My Cable TV is working now, so maybe you all would like to check if yours is working as well.



Senior Commentator

Re: Cable TV down

My Cable TV was also down this morning around 7.30am, called their USELESS hotline and no one answered. Past few days my fibre internet service has been unable to access Xbox Live, and only after LONG waits am I able to get some actual CSO to speak to me... however these clowns are USELESS, unable to resolve my issue. And only after repeatedly questioning them, they tell me that there were also other customers calling in to complain about unable to access Xbox Live! Starhub really sucks as a service provider and complete failure in their customer service.


As of today, I am still waiting for them to resolve the Xbox Live issue. We should really Stomp this and alert the various news agencies.