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exorbitant charging cost for international call!

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exorbitant charging cost for international call!



Have been a happy Starhub customer for many years. But a recent bill came as a surprise.


I've always subscribed to starhub data roaming plan whenever i go overseas. Recently i was forced to make a call to from china as i had to change my flight back to singapore on a urgent basis due to an emergency back home. Knowing that international call is chargeable, i tried to end the call as fast as possible while at the same time achieving my objective, which is to cHange my flight.


What was surprising to me was the charge for the amount of call time.  For 15min of incoming call from expedia, i was charged 47$! For 13min of outgoing call to expedia, i was charged 60$! In total, 107$. Why is it so disproportionate?


Lesson learnt, I'll feedback to expedia of this potential problem that customer is facing while changing a flight from overseas. There is no way to make an internet call for changing of flight and with no other available options . For this instance, is it possible to waiver the cost? If it's less then 50$, I'm still okay, but $107 for less then 30min of call( 15min was incoming from expedia) , It is abit exorbitant. 

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Re: exorbitant charging cost for international call!

Hi Benguin


We see your PM and will attend to you there. Separately, our roaming call rates can always be located at


- Amy