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Waiver of overseas roaming and slight bill shock

New Commentator

Waiver of overseas roaming and slight bill shock



Have been a happy Starhub customer for many years. But a recent bill came as a surprise.


I've never disabled mobile data as my roaming is turned off and disabled. Whenever I go overseas, I have no roaming charges. However, my recent trip to Malaysia seemed to charge me for roaming. This was surprising as I did not use Internet, and perhaps the phone was running some background tasks, and I'm uncertain where the data came from.


What was more surprising to me was the charge for the amount of data. For 47MB of data, I was charged $68. Even if I use DataTravel, it's $15 for 2GB of data. Why is it so disproportionate?


Screenshot from 2018-04-16 20-48-56.png

Lesson learnt, from now on I'll always disable mobile data as a double protection even if roaming is turned off. For this instance, is it possible to waiver the cost? If it's $5-$10 I'm still okay, but $70 for 47MB of data that I'm not aware of is abit exorbitant.


Thank you.





Community Manager

Re: Waiver of overseas roaming and slight bill shock

Hi jusw85


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN number, contact number and email via Private Message and I'll arrange for follow up.

- Amy