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Waiver for data roaming charge

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Waiver for data roaming charge

I was charged close to a thousand dollars for autoroam charges because my elderly mother activated the phone and it downloaded 40mb of data overseas. 


I tried requesting a waiver through customer service but other than a small token reduction starhub said nothing further they can do. 


When I first discovered these charges I was advised by a colleague who had the exact same issue that as long as my account was in good standing and this was not a repeat incident their carrier (not starhub) waived most of the charges. 


It's my mistake. I should never have activated auto roaming. But this incident also leaves a very unpleasant feeling that starhub could care less about a customer who has been with them for over 15 years contracting 3-4 lines and my home internet and tv (spread over 2 accounts).


Cant help contrasting with the very different experience than what my colleague got from the other carrier anyway. Will just shift over to other provider when contracts are over. 


Re: Waiver for data roaming charge

Hi @Wisperknot, let me see if I understood you correctly, so you were waived for a small amount already? Usually, the amount we waive for accidental data charges is case to cases basis and will be subject for approval. 


~ Carla
Valued Commentator

Re: Waiver for data roaming charge

Dear Karla,

Starhub agreed to refund back 100 from the 800 cost in 2 to 3 billing
cycles. As mentioned, other party on different provider faced the exact
same issue, accidental roaming charges caused by elderly and the other
provider waived all but 50 dollars out of the 900+ autoroam bill.

Ultimately starhub is in the right to claim the monies but I'm also within
my rights to move to a provider who I feel tries to work with their
customer to resolve an honest mistake rather than just fob me off with a
standard discount.

No offense to you but I'm just disappointed with starhub especially as I've
been a loyal customer recontracting my family's tv, internet and mobile
lines for decades.

First time with a bill issue and noone at starhub wants to do anything than
give a stock answer.