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Unable to connect to a Malaysian network

Senior Commentator

Unable to connect to a Malaysian network


I have been experiencing this issue on many of my travels using the Happy Roam card and having seen so many posts having the same issues, I am starting to  wonder when or even if ever Starhub is going to resolve it.

I travel quite a bit for work and on several trips, I was not able to connect to the network there. As I am already claiming for this roaming service, I end up having to incurr, at my own cost, additional charges purchasing a local SIM card.

The problem now is how can I get back the money invested in this SIM card since there is an expiry date if I don't continue to top it up?

I have noticed on occasions that I don't experience this network issue if I activate my roaming plan whilst in Singapore but this is not a viable option if I am travelling to a far away destination as I will be wasting many hours of the roaming plan. I really can't understand why it is that Starhub can't make a simple adjustment to the App to allow customers to choose the date and time to activate a particular plan whilst in Singapore, so as to preclude connectivity issues as well as wastage of data plan? Unless this is their very purpose.

So my question to Starhub is, will I expect a refund or an extension on my Happy Roam card until I am able to successfully use up all my credits?

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Unable to connect to a Malaysian network

Hi S7arhubber


I understand you're experiencing issues with your Prepaid roaming services. 


Quick check - does reinstalling the Prepaid APN using the Happy Prepaid App, switching to another roaming operator manually or placing your SIM Card in another handset help resolve this issue? 


If this has not helped, please send me your registered name and Prepaid number for verification along with your latest dates of travel by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we can assist you. 


- Amy