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Transparency - forcing discussions to PM

Honored Contributor

Transparency - forcing discussions to PM

Honored Contributor

Re: Transparency - forcing discussions to PM

I have some concerns with this forum:

1. Moderators are often forcing discussions and answers to Private Message, as a result no one else sees the answer, if they have the same issue. Why do you do this, it feels as though SH is then trying to hide info. If that's not the intent, then make answers/solutions visible to all please.

It is not transparent. The propose of Forums is to have transparent answers for all users to see.

2. Many moderators comment here that they are not SH Staff, however you often ask us to send you a PM with our Private Phone number and IC details...
We have no idea if you work for SH, therefore we could be disclosing very private info to people we do not know.

Would appreciate a response here in the Public forum.

Community Manager

Re: Transparency - forcing discussions to PM

Hi Usher, as shared on my reply to your post and PM. We only request customer to PM us if it is account related queries.  You can PM through this link, , it will be routed to StarHub staff. Thank you. 

Some of my posts are unofficial and may contain personal opinions which may not represent the positions and opinions of StarHub

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