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Third Starhub Bill Shock In Six Months

Senior Commentator

Third Starhub Bill Shock In Six Months

Dear Starhub,


I would like to seek clarification on the exorbitant charges in my latest Starhub bill. 


On 14 April, prior to my trip to China, I had sent an sms to the number "6818" to purchase a DataTravel plan, as per information on Starhub's official website. As I received no confirmation of the purchase from Starhub, I decided to send two more repeated smses to ensure that my instruction goes through.


However, upon receiving my latest bill, I realised that my DataTravel plan was only activated on 23 April, 7 days after my first sms to "6818". I'm now being charged a whopping $250.9590 for 10 days of the DataTravel Unlimited plan that I didn't expressly consent to. 


Can anyone kindly explain how long it would usually take for a DataTravel plan to be activated after sms?