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SIM only plan - FREE international roaming...???

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SIM only plan - FREE international roaming...???



Had been a happy user of the Starhub happy prepaid sim for many years and have resisted switching to a postpaid plan given that the plan/price offer could never beat the prepaid sim deal (at least to my needs). And most of all - it allows FREE international roaming using the existing data plan subsribed, a feature that i am very grateful when travelling as I can just use the SG data. 


Fast-forward to early this month, when Starhub rolled out new mobile plans that promises "no hidden charges for customers to enjoy peace-of-mind". I checked the plans and it looked promising and I made the switch within the first few days, signed up online and got the sim to use, after port-in my prepaid number.


So the first bill came this month and to my surprise, I was charged exorbitantly for the "free" international roaming (didn't even use much as the coverage was spotty)! After much reading online, unlike the prepaid sim deal, the postpaid international roaming requires additional top-up of data for use specifically to each country or region. So i'm not entirely sure what is the "free" portion (unlike the prepaid sim), cause to me it feels like a marketing gimmick where you created a category of costs, just to label it free to trap the uninformed consumer like me.


Just like to share my disappointment (at myself for being gullible, and joining the hype before researching properly), and the fact that i will never be able to return to prepaid sim arrangement with my current number, which i have used for a long time.


No thanks Starhub.


Community Manager

Re: SIM only plan - FREE international roaming...???

Hi gnilsk86, for previous plans, there used to be the following options:

- International Roaming (IR) with monthly subscription charge of $10
- Pay As You Roam (PAYR), with no monthly subscription charge

Subscribing to either of above, allows you to connect to overseas operator to make/receive calls, send/receive SMS or OTP or overseas usage.

IR is suitable for frequent travellers as they need access to their mobile device from time to time. Usage under PAYR will incur an additional 20% surcharge to IR charges

For example:
Making overseas call while overseas, under IR rates will be $1 while under PAYR will be $1.20 ($1 + 20%).

With the recent launch of our new mobile plans, the International Roaming is included as a free value added service. You do not have to pay monthly subscription charge while enjoying preferred roaming rates.

The bundled data for our postpaid mobile plans is strictly for local use only. If you require overseas usage, do consider our DataTravel plans as seen in

We hope this clarifies.

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Re: SIM only plan - FREE international roaming...???

Hi simonN, thanks for your response.


Possible to waive the roaming surcharges? It is something that i was not aware or well informed to be honest.


The prepaid sim deal sounds better now in hindsight.

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Re: SIM only plan - FREE international roaming...???

Hi gnilsk86, please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number >> HERE << we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you. - Jeremy 

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