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SH Data Prepaid and Apn settings

New Commentator

SH Data Prepaid and Apn settings

Hi all

I can't seem to get my prepaid data to work in Japan. Tried several times to add APN but no success. Have already enabled roaming services but still no chance. My wife's data is working fine but not mine.


Please help if u experience similar problem.


Thank you 

Community Manager

Re: SH Data Prepaid and Apn settings

Hi, please PM us your subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number to, we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.

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New Commentator

Re: SH Data Prepaid and Apn settings


I have the same problem.  I am in thailand now but going to japan soon. Japan is when we need the sim data the most.


I tried adding APN shppd. But my samsung phone keeps prompting me to add MCC other codes etc. Which i m not sure if I am doing it right.

Community Manager

Re: SH Data Prepaid and Apn settings

Hi Cheshire02, thanks for contacting us. As this requires us to refer to your account details, we are unable to assist you here on StarHub
Community. Please direct your query over to Facebook messenger
( or Twitter Direct Message
( so that we can log a case for
you and respond to you there. Thank you!

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