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Roaming problems in Tokyo

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Roaming problems in Tokyo

I have not been able to connect to the mobile data network since 3 days ago, I contacted support and they said it was because I had less than $3 in my sim card wallet. I topped up and renewed my plan, and have $3 inside now, yet I am still unable to access the mobile network. Please help, I am at a loss here and I cannot call the Starhub hotline either because for some reasons all my outgoing calls are barred. As a paying customer I feel that this should not be the experience Starhub should promote. Based on this experience I may/may not continue with Starhub's services nor recommend Happy roam when I return to Singapore.

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Re: Roaming problems in Tokyo

Hi Darrel, I've replied to your PM. 


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Re: Roaming problems in Tokyo

Lyn, think replies Shld be made transparent. We are all having this same issue. Other than personal details that Shld be censored. Solutions or proposed methods Shld be openly shared. 


Darren, do know a no. of us are on the same boat. Things was working till about 4pm 28May. 

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Re: Roaming problems in Tokyo

Support channels merely tried to shun responsibility by saying they have no control over their partner's data coverage. This is irresponsible because of the follows:
1) I made a top-up and 1 month extension of plan based on the support's advice/information that a minimum of $3 was required for roaming.
2) Despite giving Starhub money (and most importantly TRUST), and having $3 in my wallet, data did not work
3) Reply to the above was nonchalant and simply pushed the blame DESPITE making me pay. I am paying Starhub not Starhub's partner so I expect service from Starhub. Do not ask me to check the partner's website (which is obviously in a foreign language) on my own. Provide your customer with a valid solution.
4) Support had the gall to say that if their service was not satisfactory, I could always swap to a local brand on my own. This was mentioned AFTER Starhub persuaded me to extend my plan and pay more money. This is extremely insulting and ridiculous. I expect a full refund should I ultimately pick this option.

Should an unsatisfactory conclusion be reached, I will not hesitate to post the truths of this fiasco on social media.

I have included the replies of customer support as well suggested.

Customer support reply 1:
> Dear Mr Darrel
> Thank you for your email.
> We note from our records that the current balance for prepaid number REDACTED is $1.00.
> Please note that a minimum main wallet balance of $3 is required in your Prepaid SIM for Prepaid Roaming Service. Please make a top-up and restart your phone for the data roaming service to resume.
> For more information on Happy Roam, please visit
> For instant access to your prepaid service, please download "Happy Prepaid" app on your smartphones and start enjoying the convenience of managing your services anytime anywhere.
> Thank you.
> Yours sincerely
> Faiezah Manshor
> Customer Affairs

Customer support reply 2:
Dear Mr Darrel

Thank you for your e-mail.

We note from our records that you are currently logged on to a roaming partner and your Prepaid roaming services are activated and in order.

Please know that StarHub has no control over the quality of roaming coverage by our roaming partners.

We also seek your understanding that the connectivity and speeds you enjoy on your mobile are dependent on several factors including but not limited to:

· the mobile equipment that you use and the bandwidth it supports;
· the websites and servers that you are on;
· the software and the types of applications being;
· the internet traffic at the point of time of usage and the destination server; and
· immediate surrounding(s) and building(s) structure affecting signal transmission.

Therefore, you may wish to switch to another foreign network operator manually on your handset if the same issue occurs again.

If you encounter the same issue again, please contact us and provide the following information for investigation.

- 1. Signal bar on phone
- 2. Name of Roaming partner network
- 3. Network Type (2G / 3G / 4G)
- 4. Date and time of occurrence
- 5. Error message
- 6. Handset Model
- 7. Type of services affected: Voice (Dropped Calls?) / SMS (Failed SMSes?) / Data (Slow Data Access?)
- 8. Screenshot of Speedtest done ( if issue is data related

We look forward to hearing from you so as to assist you with your concerns as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Nurul Alyssha Nasron
Customer Affairs

Community Manager

Re: Roaming problems in Tokyo

We wish to share that the network coverage will depend on our roaming partners you are connected to.

Our customer service officer had advised you to switch to another network operator manually on your handset if the same issue occurs again. If you encounter the same issue again, please reply to the e-mail and provide the above-mentioned information for investigation. Thank you.

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Re: Roaming problems in Tokyo

What’s the email address?