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Roaming on iOS device

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Roaming on iOS device

Has anyone else had any issues with roaming (in mainland China) on an iOS device and only being able to get a Edge or GPRS connection?


I have four Happy prepaid services, two on Apple devices and two on Androids. All the Androids are on 4G but not the iOS devices. Swapping SIMS confirms it is not related to a particular SIM/service.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Roaming on iOS device

Hi Zoidberg, can you PM me your details? I'll need your NRIC, as well as the numbers of your prepaid cards. - Sal

- Sal
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Re: Roaming on iOS device

This is situation is becoming farcical.


My balance is above the minimum required; APNs installed and connected to the only preferred network in China; my data doesn't expire to later this month and I even added more data just to make sure it wasnt the problem; roaming disabled and enabled by Starhub and myself; devices restarted multiple times and no resolution. It almost been two weeks. 


I cant be nor  could I be the first and only Starhub "Happy" Roaming customer to roam in China with Apple devices? Why is this happening?! Does the combination of Starhub, Apple and China magically teleport you back to a time prior to ~2000 where 3/4G services never existed?!

Community Manager

Re: Roaming on iOS device

Hi @ Zoidberg


Your PM has been forwarded to the team and they'll get back to you.


- Amy