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Roaming in Europe

New Commentator

Roaming in Europe

Hi, may I know if I need to roam my mobile number (postpaid) just to receive SMSes in Europe? If yes, how much is the activation fee (if applicable)? Thanks 

Community Manager

Re: Roaming in Europe

Please provide us with your registered Hub ID email address and mobile number for us to check at this link>> HERE << Thank you 

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Re: Roaming in Europe

This is the sequence of the events:

1) I have activated data roaming both in my phone and Starhub Prepaid App on May 4th while in Singapore, top up my main balance and subscribed to $25 - 4week 4G data. Please note that the apps that I setup to access mobile data is only Whatsapp and nothing else. main balance was around $10.

2) The moment I reached Europe, it first alerted me of some roaming messages, how to call SG, how to SMS, and their charges. Then suddenly I receive a message that my roaming data is deactivated because main balance fell below $3. So I top up another $10 to activate roaming data again.

3) Only few minutes later, this balance also gone, and alerted me again that main balance is below $3.

4) So I was thinking that network is not stable and incurring me some charges, etc.

5) I waited until today, May 16th, and top up $30 to main balance to activate roaming data. I received a message that it is activated, and was able to send FEW whatsapp messages, and then, its suddenly GONE again, and roaming data is deactivated as main balance fell below $3

6) I dont know whats happening and dont want to waste anymore money. Could you please clarify whats happening here?
Community Manager

Re: Roaming in Europe

Hi ea-delarosa, 


I see your PM and will assist you there shortly. Thank you.


- Jackson