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Pay As you Roam service

New Commentator

Pay As you Roam service



I just activated Pay as you Roam service.

I don't want to use any mobile data or make any call from overseas.

All I need to do is just getting the incoming SMS messages not even sending out. 

I'm thinking to turn off the mobile data from my cell phone setting.

Is that enough?

Or do I still need to switch off by dialing *100*54831# not to use any data from overseas?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks in advance.




Grand Guru

Re: Pay As you Roam service

Hi  @GJ Lee


For your info.

As you do not mentioned about the mobile handset models.

Also did not mentioned on which countries you intend to visit.

Some brand/models may send out (intenational) sms without your knowledge.

There are some complaints on these issues, as most user relies later in the bill.


Some settings do not behave as what you like.

I am not trying to say anything, as it is the best to either use it or not, totally.


Suggest you is to visit Starhub Roaming website to arm yourself if some knowledge, in case where you really need it at time.

Pay as you Roam service do have a additional 20% will may depend on the time and cost which varies from country to country.

By Pay as you Roam service activated, this could mean that you had approved the nec T&C and many other services related, so you should read it as well.


I am not Starhub staff and i don't wish to see your next post here as the not-so-good experience.

I had read some of the complaints on while oversea.

You can ignore this post.


Your decision.




Alumni (Retired)

Re: Pay As you Roam service

Hi GJ,  do refer to our roaming user guide at . Do let us know which country you're visiting, we will advise you further. Thanks.