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No 4g, only 3g in japan

New Commentator

No 4g, only 3g in japan

Since turning on data travel Asia pacific plan when I landed in Osaka yesterday , I have not been able to connect to docomo 4g network.  It only connects to 3g.  I have changed the APN to shwap to get internet working (also for your noting, service provider is 36.1).


please how to get 4g in japan



Community Manager

Re: No 4g, only 3g in japan

Hi Haccgac, do try restarting your handset or placing your SIM card into another handset to check if issue persists.


If the issue persists, please direct your query over to Facebook messenger  ( or Twitter Direct Message ( so that we can log a case for you and respond to you there as we have stopped processing account related queries on StarHub Community. Thank you.


- Julaina