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Is APN the problem shppd or shwap

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Is APN the problem shppd or shwap

I subscribed to DataTravel Global which will expire tomorrow. Used 0.9 Gb out of 3 Gb. 

Traveled to Slovenia, first two days intermitten subsequent 12 days mostly good, some problem still. 

Onto Thailand first two days mostly good then it went dead for two days. Into Malaysia for two days no connection at all. 

Given I had signal means setting like data roam were all good. In Thailand I reset/restart IOS phone numerous times to no avail. 

Now I am back and a lot less hectic I checked and I have APN as shwap 

please let me know how to proceed

thank you

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Re: Is APN the problem shppd or shwap

Hi Foodtrack, 


Apologies for the delay in response. No that you are back in Singapore, are you still facing issues with your mobile service? - Han

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Re: Is APN the problem shppd or shwap

I have returned to SG

major problem was also I could not logged onto any overseas net work. 2 days in Thailand and 2 days in Malaysia. This is towards the end of my journey. 

Upon return I called 1633. Was informed next time I have a problem call 1633. Big error in providing solution one needs to call +65 xxxx 1633. Told me should use capital letters SHWAP. I checked several websites nobody uses capital letters. 

If I cannot log into an overseas network I will not be able to solve problem remotely unless I use hotel phone which will cost me $$$. 

I still have a major problem with Starhub roaming I need to solve before my next trip in about three weeks. 

Please assist 

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Re: Is APN the problem shppd or shwap

I received an incomplete reply a few days ago on this but till now no progress. 

Kindly assist & thank you