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Incoming calls and sms when abroad PROBLEM

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Incoming calls and sms when abroad PROBLEM


im travelling abroad now and i am not able to to receive any incoming calls or sms anymore when abroad. It has been working last week but since this week it has stopped working 


I’m able to place an international call but if I call my SIngapore number form any other phone it sounds like the line is engaged. I have activated roaming so there seems to be another problem


any help?


Alumni (Retired)

Re: Incoming calls and sms when abroad PROBLEM

Good morning, Gooscha.


Does restarting your handset, switching to another roaming operator manually or place your SIM Card in another handset help solve the issue?


If the issues continue, please send us your registered name, service number and Hub ID / email address for verification by clicking the words bracketed by the arrows here > via Private Message < so we can assist you.


- Amy