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HappyRoam networks in 2019?

Honored Contributor

HappyRoam networks in 2019?



What are the current preferred HappyRoam partner networks for all supported countries in 2019?


Please respond here publicly for all users to see.


The current 2019 Guide does not state which networks to make sure we are connected to, to prevent incurring any charges to our Wallet.


This is a new post to show all countries.

Community Manager

Re: HappyRoam networks in 2019?

Hi Usher, you can check our website for more details on prepaid roaming,


You can refer to old prepaid guide for the list of preferred roaming network, 



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Re: HappyRoam networks in 2019?



Why don't you just post a clear answer here instead of being ambiguous.


As I said, the new guide does not specify networks, so why would you respond with a link to the old guide... 


Please state clearly what networks we must be connected to on HappyRoam, to avoid being charged for roaming on non-supported networks, which be a common complaint.


...don't understand why you guys are never crystal clear on this forum...

Community Manager

Re: HappyRoam networks in 2019?

Hi Usher, we have replied you via PM. Thank you - Jeremy 

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