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Happy roam not working g

Community Relationship Manager

Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi soccer_jim2002, I'm concerned about this. Could you send me the link of the page that you're referring to? 


Also, do send me your full name and prepaid number so that I can investigate. 


Look forward to receiving your details via



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Re: Happy roam not working g



i am unable to make any outgoing calls in Bangkok, be it a local Thai number or overseas number (Singapore). it says that my line is suspended.


i have roaming activated and the APN settings are correct. i just bought a $30 bundle thinking that it would work but i feel rather cheated now that i cant even make any calls out.


Please help.


thank you.

Community Manager

Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi kristopher90,


I see your PM and will attend to you shortly. 


- Jackson
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Re: Happy roam not working g

Can someone plz help...? My number is [Removed due to personal particulars].


I bought the $32 internet SIM on 5Oct, data was working in Singapore. 


Reached Hong Kong late in the day and NO data. Recharged with $25 and data started working.


Reached San Francisco late night, data NOT working again, recharged for $16 still NOT working.


I tried restarting, APN is correct. Not working. I feel cheated by Starhub.