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Happy roam not working g

New Commentator

Happy roam not working g

My number is <snipped> and I have activated the 7days 1GB happy roam plan but am unable to have access to mobile data. The roaming, data roaming is on but still nothing.



Edit: remove mobile number to protect customer privacy. 

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi Ivan Lim,

Maybe you would like to try the steps mentioned below and hopefully it'll be able to troubleshoot your problem.

Step 1: Make sure you have enabled the Roaming service by pressing *123*333#

Step 2: Purchase a Prepaid Data Plan ( Which i assume you have already done so. ) if not please dial *123*300#

Step 3: Ensure phone's setting data roaming is turned on.

For Android: Settings -> Mobile Networks

For IOS: Settings -> Cellular

Step 4: Ensure APN is set to "shppd"

How do you set the Access Point Name (APN).

For Android:

Go to (Settings -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names). APN: shppd Username & Password: <blank>

For iOS:

Access from the browser in your device and select Install Profile. Select Install to install the APN Profile*.

Step 5: Ensure phone connects to the proffered network in respective countries

These steps and information could also be found here.

Hope this helps you with your issue Smiley Happy

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Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi, I am too having problem with the prepaid data plan i activated. ( 30 day 3.6gb ). My APN is set to shppd now and i can see i am connected to T-Mobile ( am in the United State Poughkeepsie. ). But I am still not able to use data here in the US.

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Re: Happy roam not working g

My prepaid number is 82252477. Appreciate if you can help. Thanks
Community Manager

Re: Happy roam not working g

@Shoryuke, we have sent you a PM.

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Re: Happy roam not working g


i have same issue, I bought 3.6g data and install happy prepaid app, apn, enable mobile roaming, connected to T-mobile. But my phone still show no internet. My phone is iPhone 4s, 9.35. 

Pls help. 

Android™ Expert

Re: Happy roam not working g

It takes quite a while to connect to the data. Mine took about 15 mins to activate after signing up for data usage in Thailand. Try switching on and off data roaming in your phone settings and manuallly choose network. 


At least it works for me.
Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi @LDSG, let us know your NRIC, StarHub Account details, contact number and e-mail via PM and we will arrange for assistance. - Amy

- Amy
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Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi there,

I bought the $32 Pre-paid card and will be travelling to US and UK.  I noticed that there were problems mentioned above getting data roaming connecting to T-Mobile, are there any tips or tricks to look out for on top of the setting up of APN and services using the happy pre-paid app before the trip, so as to ensure that the data roaming will be working when I reach US?  Do I have to manually select the T-mobile network or by default the auto roaming will select T-mobile?

Thanks for the help in advance!

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy roam not working g

Hi @ Johnix,

Thanks for asking.

The strength of the signal for T-Mobile will also affect how easily you connect to their network.

If you find it difficult to log on despite a strong signal, PM me your NRIC/FIN number and Prepaid number and I'll see how I can help. 

- Amy