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Happy Roam credit problem

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Happy Roam credit problem


I’m in Tokyo now and have 2 Happy SIM card that have value mysteriously disappearing. Now one of the cards don’t have data access.


Read online about the good value starhub happy sim brings so I planned to use it for my trip with my friend.

saw online $15 for $18 value, but when I bought it at a neighbourhood handphone shop, somehow I paid $18 and when I went home it only had $15 value. I blame my own stupidity, but $15 is the minimum value I need, so I suppose I could still live with that.


Dowbloaded the Happy Prepaid app and went to Tokyo, upon Landing at Haneda airport, mysteriously 15 cents disappear, and thus making it so my friend would not have the minimum $3 balance if she buys the $7 plan and the $5 plan.


arriving on Sunday, on Monday night, from 480mb the data dropped to 0mb she did not have data to use, mysteriously 3-4 hours later, the data became 20mb and she has bonus $6 credit on her phone, which can’t be used to buy into data plans. Worse is that the 20mb doesn’t allow her to use data at all. She was so lost at one point as we split up and she did not have data that she wanted to use the 7cents per kb data penalty price but unable to even get logged into the 4g network. It shows docomo but no 4g.


my own story, I bought a $32 happy travel sim which has 2gb roaming data out the box. On the day I arrived my value dropped 20odd cents.


i keep getting mysteriously calls from singapore, and my value fell further. Fast forward to today, my value is $26 and 0 sms.  And from the FAQ I am

suppose to be able to tether but my happy prepaid app asked me toco act starhub


Please help, we still have 4 days here,



Tried calling starhub +65 98500000 via the hotline but none of the sim

can call the toll free line even with the 116 global roam. Asked my parents to call back in sg but the line doesn’t work too


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Re: Happy Roam credit problem

Hi Lenzarro, I have edited your post to protect your personal information. Please PM me your details instead. Can I check if you have activated your Data Roaming before travelling? You can do so via the StarHub Prepaid App as well. For Prepaid Data Roaming, you can consider the Roaming Data plans here at

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Re: Happy Roam credit problem

Pm-Ed you Priya, hope you can help assist soon as I am still overseas with one party without internet access at the moment.

The $32 value card with 2gb can’t tether either.
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Re: Happy Roam credit problem

3 days left on my trip. Can you expedite your help ?
Heading out again. Besides topping up more value into the card to buy more data, is there no other way ?

Disinclined to top up if the value will drop before using... or if there are extra telco costs for activating please make it clear
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Re: Happy Roam credit problem

Is there a hotline I can call for more immediate help?

Can’t believe now both of us is turning off mobile data for the remaining card and turning it on only when we want to use google maps to get around or get basic information.
I will buy into more data with my remaining value in the $32 (now mysteriously $26).

Considering getting the more expensive local card by tomorrow if no critical action is taken. So both of us can have stable internet access. It’s been more than 21 hours since my pm and 48 hours ( would be earlier but my post did not go through had to retype it) since I started the post
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Re: Happy Roam credit problem

Just just going to leave it here for people browsing this forum for extra information that my problem was not solved.


One party did not have internet access. 


Used extra value in the $32 card (now $20.34) To buy into extra data, please note that this happy travel sim is not able to tether data contrary to the happy prepaid apps faq which states that it can.


Last day of my 8 day trip, not planning to log in to check in anymore.