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Happy Roam- New Networks

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Happy Roam- New Networks



What is the new preferred Roaming Partner network in China and HK? And other countries as well?


China: Phone keeps auto-selecting to China Unicom, and if I try to manually connect to China Mobile, it says Network not Supported. (Both 4G).   ***Is China Unicom now the preferred partner??


The new Happy Roam Guide (2019), no longer specifies which network is the partner we should connect to on Roaming, compared to 2017 Guide, which says China Mobile.  Does that mean we don't have to check which network we connect to on HappyRoam now?? Is any Auto-Connected network now ok in ALL HappyRoam countries.


Would Greatly appreciate some clarity on New Networks.


Kindly respond here instead of PM for all users. Thank you!




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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

Hi shafster, Let us know if your apn is set as shppd, please also PM us your subscriber name and mobile number >> HERE << we’ll arrange for assistance. Thank you.

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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

Hi, I didn't really get an answer to my question and I asked for you guys to respond in the thread and not force the discussion to a PM.


Yes my APN is set correctly, since I am able to Roam



****Please advise what are the correct partner networks to Roam on in 2019, and if all netwroks are ok, that we get Auto-Connected to.


Thank you for answering here, transparently.



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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

Hi, yes APN is set correctly.


Still no answer from you...


Are we require to select specific networks, or any network on automatic is ok?

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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

Hi shafster


I see your PM. Let's chat there.


- Amy
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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

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Re: Happy Roam- New Networks

Hi Usher, you may refer to below details for the preferred roaming network


China - China Mobile
Hongkong - Three (3)


We would ask to PM customer if it is account related. -Debbie

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