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Happy Roam Data Usage Inconsistent

New Commentator

Happy Roam Data Usage Inconsistent

The data usage shown on my phone and the Happy Prepaid App varies by almost 40%. I only use my Happy Prepaid during travels and both my China and Thailand trips I noticed the data usage tracked on the app is almost 40% more than what my phone shows.


When I'm in Singapore, the amount only varies maybe 1-2% (very insignificant) but right now I'm in Bangkok my phone says I've used 185mb while Happy says I've used over 260mb. I had the same issue during my China trip.


Is this normal? Is there a hidden "surcharge" for roaming data consumption? Why is the data usage difference so much?

Alumni (Retired)

Re: Happy Roam Data Usage Inconsistent

Hi @derrickflc, please PM me the subscriber's name, NRIC/FIN and prepaid number. I'll get the prepaid team to assist. - Sofia