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2weeks travel from Europe to Asia

New Commentator

2weeks travel from Europe to Asia

Hi everyone! I will be in Singapore for 3 days and then I will move to Malaysia and Thailandia. I would like to buy a prepaid Sim card for data usage.

This is what I have understood and please confirm if I m right and correct me if I am not. 


If I buy a 15$ prepaid Sim card at Changi Airport, I will have 15 GB of internet in Singapore that can be used in 5 days. Then through the app I can buy the Happy Roam option for 1GB in 30 days abroad that costs 11$ using the credit I have inside my prepaid Sim. Definetely I will pay 15 $ in total.

It is right?

Please help me, 

Thank you all! 

Community Manager

Re: 2weeks travel from Europe to Asia

Hi lupusinfabula1, please PM us your query, along with the subscriber name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.