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loyalty program

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loyalty program

Hi I have been a starhub internet user from 2002. As i call today to check if there is any loyalty program for upgrading to fiber interne, i was shock to heard that there is no such program... kindly correct me if i am wrong to say that starhub do not vaule their long term user? ... maybe it time for me to change another ISP as i do not feel any different between a new user or a long term user as there is no clear advantage being a long term user....

Grand Guru

Re: loyalty program

The term "Loyalty" is of no value &or such word do not exist in most other Companys.


The most important thing is the Services are stable.

What would you do if they give you a some 'free' gifts ++; but the connection is unstable.


I am 'loyal' as i sign up their services since the start of this Company.

And i am happy to say that i do not have any problems with all the services i sign up.

Also my internet connection is very good and stable, since i sign up from Cable, then now Fibre.


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Re: loyalty program

I think that being a Internet Service Provider (ISP), It is their job to provide a stable and good quality internet connection. If any ISP does not achieved this minimum standard, no customer will be staying with the ISP... So the question at the end of the day is if there is no issue y would i even want to change to fiber?


another thing is if the service quality is no good why would i even want to sign up a new plan....


i think no one will feel good that being a long term user you are no different from a new sign up user and if I would be a new sign up user than y should i chose back starhub where i can chose other ISP when COMEX is coming

Grand Guru

Re: loyalty program

Yes i do agree with your point that ISP have to provide good quality internet connection and as well as other services to be acceptable.


These are some rewards for being as a 'loyal' customers, are already on-going, such as;


Mobile service; such as;

(1) early re-contract after completed 21 months of the 24 months contract.

(2) vouchers for re-contract customers (request!).

(3) Starhub did started with free in-coming calls; outgoing call by seconds.



(1) Certain promo offer re-contract after completed 21 months of contract.

(2) Free certain items on re-contract &or rewards points instead of free modem &or router, if applicable.

(3)- I was given a early re-contract from HomeHub 200 to HomeHub 500 upgrade without any fees, although i had only completed 12 months on HomeHub 200.


TV - some channels are free (for certain periods).


Rewards points - for us as customers to redeem items of our choice.


Others - such as Corporate discount, and much more.....

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Re: loyalty program

i m your classic victim for recontract 


no cable modem must buy at $55.xx

no more free home line after contract expire soon at $2.10 per month

no new tv box unless bring it down to shop if spolit

no early postpaid recontract even one month later

no to starhub ..if i may

after signing up 6 services with them


fibre broadband

cable boradband


tv lite

max mobile broadband

digital home line


pay more for upgrade