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Unable to redeem reward

Respected Commentator

Unable to redeem reward

Dear Sir/Ms,


I got the below msg while trying to redeem the reward.


Error Message:

Dear customer, bill rebates can only be redeemed once per account per bill. Please try again via another account (if any) or on the following month. Thank you.


Kindly assist and advise accordingly.




Community Manager

Re: Unable to redeem reward


Could try to log in using another browser and send a screen shot of the error, if issue persist?

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Grand Guru

Re: Unable to redeem reward

For to redeem "Bill Rebates"  is valid for One Bill Account per billing cycle.

Billing cycle is depend on that particular Bill Account, is stated on the bill.


If the billing cycle is from 17th to 16th mth, and today 20th mth, the rebates will reflect on the next bill.

This means that you cannot repeat for another "Bill Rebates" on that particular Bill Acct.

But you need to wait for at least one month lapse and the bill rebates is stated on the next bill.


But you can do another "Bill Rebates" on any other Bill Acct, which will be stated on the next bill.

Again, no repeat as mentioned above.


Refer to the T & C and on item 6  Bill Rebates