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Starhub rewards

Honored Commentator

Starhub rewards



Is there a difference in the tetms for:

1- starhub rewards

2- hub club member rewards

3- platinum member rewards


When i check the rewards pages,the pages appeared 8 pages but when i logged in my hub club member id, i only able to see 6pages. As a hub club member, i thought that im able to redeem the options of starhub rewards or hub club member but after logging in, i can only redeem under the section of starhub rewards? Pls sdvise

Grand Guru

Re: Starhub rewards

Of course that there are rewards exclusive for Platinum members only.

Only Customers monthly payment must be at least  >=$350 and for 6 months contunously are consider "Platinum" members

Refer to the link


Please note that this rewards website are update daily.