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While trying to redeem my rewards point, my pc hang due to starhub updates of the reward system.

after logging in back, i realise my points have been deducted. Is my redemption successful?

Pls advise

Grand Guru

Re: Rewards

Once the rewards points had deducted, this mean that the process is completed.


Not of any worry.

If you do "Bill Rebates" on one of your Starhub Account, wait for the bill to arrive.

There will be a "Bill Rebates" item listed on your bill. (Depend on your bill cycle period).


For others items, either you received an email with voucher or for the retail vouchers to arrive.


Notice that some posts are complaining about this Rewards webpage.

This Rewards Webpage has heavy traffic, due to most Customers do last minute shopping.

Certain rewards points will be expired on end July & end Dec.  Next time, do it earlier.


When you need that particular Rewards item, check the number of points it required.

When you have enought rewards points, then do redeem instead of waiting.