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Rewards Redemption Eligibility

Respected Commentator

Rewards Redemption Eligibility



I wish to check if it's possible for me to redeem the (Happy Prepaid SIM) reward on behalf of my dad at the Starhub shop? Along with the necessary documents required (eVoucher and a photocopy of my dad's NRIC).


And also just to verify, it is possible for the SIM card to be registered under my name eventhough the Starhub Account for the rewards redemption is under my dad's name and he will just have to fill up the Authorisation of Transfer on the eVoucher right?



Thank you.

New Commentator

Re: Rewards Redemption Eligibility

Great question! Thank you on behalf of all the people like me who has the same question in mind too! 

Respected Commentator

Re: Rewards Redemption Eligibility



My pleasure and hopefully it will be much of a great help and get an answer that we hope for. Cheers!



Community Manager

Re: Rewards Redemption Eligibility

Hi Hayden, please PM us the registered subscriber's name, registered Hub ID / email address and mobile number by clicking >> HERE, we’ll arrange for assistance.