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Rewards Point for Redemption

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Rewards Point for Redemption

Hi , if I renew my contract after 21st month, is my rewards point still remains and carried over to the coming contract or will it be reset to 0?
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Re: Rewards Point for Redemption

Yes, the rewards points is still available.


As for rewards points expired, you can check on the bill last page.

There will be indication on how many rewards points you have.

Most date of expired are in end-July &or end-Dec.



Re: Rewards Point for Redemption

Starhub Rewards Point does not tie to duration of contract. It will tie to your account, so as long as your account is valid, your points will be available.

You can also check expiry date by logging in to Starhub Rewards page using your hub ID:
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Re: Rewards Point for Redemption

To add to  @Gunz  

You can combine /tranfer all your accounts rewards points into 1 account.