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Redeem rewards error

New Commentator

Redeem rewards error

Hi,  tried to redeem rewards for bill rebate on my account, but was surprised to see red error messages when i clicked on check out. Points was already deducted, but i did not receive any email regarding the redemption. What should I do?

Grand Guru

Re: Redeem rewards error

There are 3 steps to complete at Checkout.

At the end of the Checkout in the final steps, means redeemption is successfully completed.

And the points will be deducted.


If there is error, you will require to re-check and re-do, and will not able to proceed to the next step.


Regarding email upon successfully completed.


As far as i know, when redeem for "Bill Rebates" there is no email confirmation.

The "Bill Rebates" will be reflected in the next bill.


For redeem of items require Voucher, it will be sent by email.

The eVoucher is attached to the email after successful completed.

Then the eVoucher have to print-out and present this eVoucher (& nric) for collection of items.


I had done several redeemption for both "Bill Rebates" and eVoucher.

To collect prepaid SIM card, just go to the Cashier and present the eVoucher & Nric (registered).


Grand Guru

Re: Redeem rewards error


The rewards error is most probably cause by "maintenace" &or too many visitors to the Reward webpage.

Ignore it, as it had successful completed, as the points were deducted.


Refer to :