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Redeem Rewards Unavailable

Esteemed Commentator

Redeem Rewards Unavailable

I am not able to redeem my rewards. Kept asking me to log in when I have done so. Help?

Grand Guru

Re: Redeem Rewards Unavailable

This is the  procedure  for redeem rewards.


You need to log in first.  


Under your Name there is a small 'down' arrow, will show you the 4 options, namely, Manage Hub ID, My Account, Pay Bills,   "Redeem Rewards"  click to go to the reward pages.


This will bring you to the Rewards page, and on the 'thick' bar 

which contain information

Your Name,   Total points available  and  Checkout.

Then you need to click  "See All Rewards"  'below the advert, on right side, to go to the next page.


From here, it will show you the latest Rewards only.

Under the    Rewards   

there is a  "Filter by"  options, and click on the down arrow.

Here there is a wide choice where the catalogue.

Next option,  select  "Sort By"  &or  "By point"


Just click on (big green) "Redeem"  of that particular choice you made.


Finally, you need to click  "Checkout"  to complete the process.