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Recontract from cable to dual broadband.

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Recontract from cable to dual broadband.

Today i declare offical to use fibre broadband with recontract of dual broadband.....why teleco like to make consumer commit with contract and dual broadband as if i m doing big business like SME.

Claim will give a call to inform the timing but "screw up" while the tropper standing at my door step to surprise me...i thought PAP change new colour uniform to thank me for elect them.

Just plug and play within a few minute - so that call professionalism with charge of $5x.xx for installation, activation and setup. Really feel like extortion from Teleco...which later claim as waiver off.

My wish that the 4th teleco will teach the 3 bullier a lesson by pulling out from them.

Recontract with Starhub still use the old cable modemn and tv box unless i buy from them.

Upgrade to pay more money with zero benefit and perks.


Demote from Home Hub club bcz i sign tv lite
No 100mps cable modemn unless i pay $55.xx
No new tv box even though on rental
No free home line when contract end and have to pay at $2.10 per month when next month contract end

Postpaid recontract cannot synchronise with the broadband contract even 1 month differ


No to STARHUB if i may..............


A very angry re contract customer who force to contract another 2 years
of 6 services contract for postpaid, max mobile band, fibre broadband, cable broadband, tv lite and digital home line.


I really hope starhub CEO read this forum to rectify the serious mess contract.





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Re: Recontract from cable to dual broadband.

Are you using Personal tab.


Suggest to use Business.

Take a look in the Business section.



During Monday to Wednesday Telcos adverts are for Business.