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Billing issue not resolved after 4 months

New Commentator

Billing issue not resolved after 4 months



Starhub has charged me inaccurately for the past 4 months. I was only supposed to pay $29.90 but the bill has been at $140 every month since January. Despite multiple calls to the call centre, each time more frustrating than the previous (because I have to go through an extensive call menu before I can reach a person whom I can speak with), the matter has not been resolved and the amount has snowballed to close to $500. The call centre staff has not been able to help me and they are not at fault. The billing department has been consistently ineffective, unresponsive and unreceptive to customers' needs. 


I would really appreciate a proper solution to this billing issue. No more tokenistic "we will get back to you".

Community Manager

Re: Billing issue not resolved after 4 months

Hi Platypus, I've sent you a PM and have escalated for assistance. Thank you.