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prepaid to postpaid

New Commentator

prepaid to postpaid

a few questions to ask about porting over


1. Are there any charges for porting from prepaid to postpaid. If yes, what are the charges?

2.Can I port from prepaid to my SIM plan?

3.How long do I need to stay with my sim plan to switch to another Telco and are there any charges of I switched Telco?

Alumni (Retired)

Re: prepaid to postpaid

Hi jiaqing, you can head down to our Main Stores to port your prepaid to a postpaid SIM only plan. There will be a one time SIM fee of $37.45. If you're under a no contract SIM only plan, you can port out any time and it takes usually about 2 to 3 working days for the number port to be completed.