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Very bad data roaming

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Very bad data roaming

This is my 4th time using happy data roam, as usual i’ve more than $8 credit in my main wallet. This time i even have local data purchase while activating the account on my Singtel SIM card via the Happy Apps, i even receive an sms confirmation that the overseas data roaming has been activated prior to my flight departure. I even install the APN & settings shown Shppd. 

Once i on my phone when im in Japan, i saw telco under Docomo with 4G signal but less than 1min the data signal is gone. 

I log into my apps account with the wifi in airport, i was shocked to find my credit has been deducted from $12+ to $2+. 

As i need to be on standby for work,i was so handicapped without any data usage. For the whole day since 8+ in the morning, my sis have help me to made a call to starhub to rectify n get the manager to call me so i can give them a clearer pic due to the urgency.

Promise was made that the amount will be credited back within an hr and manager will call back asap, but this was not done.

As i really need the data badly, i quickly top up another $10 to the main wallet, same thing happen again n my credit is gone within 1 min.

It was 5th time my sis call in on the same day that they finally credited back at late night yet not a single call from the manager.

This time i’m super careful, i off all the data roaming for all apps except happy data before i set the data roaming to on from hotel wifi.

Same things happen, within 1min the 3G signal is gone n my main wallet becomes $5+ from $21+

My sis tried call in again, this time round SH say system down n can only check tml morning, this is not the first time this reason was given

I’m badly affected by all this, my work is delayed due to its so hard to find free wifi access in Japan. And starhub don’t find the urgency to rectify my problem, i can say im utterly disapointed. I give afew chances to try back Happy Data but the services i was given was slow n bad.

Now i’m gonna stuck in Japan for the next 7 days without any data plan, wasted my $25 to purchase the data.

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Re: Very bad data roaming

Hi Queenie_eve, please allow me to help you with this. Can you PM me your NRIC/FIN and prepaid number? I can get the Customer Service team to help as soon as I have those details.

- Sal
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Re: Very bad data roaming

Please find my details:

Name: xxx
nRIc: xxx
Mobile: xxx


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Re: Very bad data roaming

I've edited out your details in order to protect your privacy. Please pass it to us via PM and we'll follow up from there.

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Re: Very bad data roaming

It’s been my 5th day in Japan & things are still the same, SH just don’t find the urgency to resolve my problem.


The past 2 trips in London & Bangkok was resolved the next working day for the same problem.


My sis have to call in everyday few times to urge the process.


Yesterday i already can get the 4G signal but still unable to surf the net, just don’t know why my main wallet keep deducting the credit & caused my account to run low below $8.


i already deactivate all the data roaming for other apps after all the resetting to Shppd for APN & even restarting my mobile.


This is really v fustrating & i’m super pissed over the same thing happen for every trip. This time is the worst to stretch till 5days & everyday just tell me system is down so there is delay & can’t check.


I jus wonder why u can tell me that your colleagues have escalated my call when i did told them its still does not work since this afternoon yet nothing was done till now.

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Re: Very bad data roaming

I need your management contact, this is my 7th day in Japan & things is still unresolved without a call back whole day yesterday.


since SH does not value customer, i don’t want to waste my time on all this. 


Slow customer service with no sense of handling with importance