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Value disappeared

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Value disappeared


i previously bought the Happy prepaid card to bring with me on an overseas trip and found it really useful. Paid $15 and got $18 value in it. I purchased a $5 data plan for 1GB for three days and it came with free data. I was overseas for 3 days. After using up the balance in it to about $2 on overseas calls and txt, I did a $10 top up.


After returning to Singapore, I finished using the free data on my account before swapping out the StarHub prepaid card (there was about $11 remaining) and only put it back in almost a week later. To my puzzlement, my credit fell to $2. I took out the card again and put it back again a few days later for my next trip to find that ALL the money had disappeared! 


Can anyone help me with this disappearing credit during the period of time when the SIM card was not even placed in a phone or used. I have done another top up of $20 as I needed the card for travel and now am worried that my balance of $15 (after deducting the $5 for another 1GB data) will disappear again. 


I am so perplexed 

Grand Guru

Re: Value disappeared

Suggest you to contact Prepaid hotline by using the prepaid SIM card.

It is better as you can enquires directly to the prepaid staff.


Prepaid Mobile Enquiries


Call 9850 0000 toll free
(or +65 9850 0000 from overseas)

Operating Period
24 hours

(For using Prepaid SIM only)


Alternately, you could write to forum staff to assist you.

(They may direct to the prepaid staff)

Please submit and provide with the following information;

Registered subscriber Name, NRIC/FIN number, Prepaid number, contact, email.

PM @Jolene_L  or  @Amy_Law  to assist and look into your case on this matter


How to send a PM (Private Message) on StarHub Community?




I am not Starhub staff &or related to.



Re: Value disappeared

Hi Bn, adding on to what Eric has mentioned, you will need to maintain a minimum $8 in your main wallet. Do send me a private message if you need us to check on your prepaid balance. Thank you -Jolene 

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Re: Value disappeared

Dear Jolene,

Thanks for the reply. I did have over the minimum value in the card before I took it out of the phone (had about $11). However, when I placed it back about a week later, the value disappeared.

Re: Value disappeared

Thanks for the details, could you pass me your prepaid number via a private message? I'll check on it. Thanks! -Jolene 

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Re: Value disappeared



I am currently traveling using the Happy Prepaid Roaming.  I topped up my card after I purchased the data plan before I travelled. I received an SMS confirming my balance at $23.07 on 22 Mar. I just logged in the app to check on my data balance.  To my surprise, my balance was $8.07. Where had my $15 gone to ? I purchased a 1GB plan and I still have a balance of 775MB.  No SMS was sent to inform me on the deduction of $15.  In fact, this was not the first time that my $ value disappeared for no reason.  

This is a good product as it makes it very convenient for traveling. But if my value keep disappearing for no reason, then I should consider exploring other option. 

Community Manager

Re: Value disappeared

Hi TanPK, please send me a private massage with your StarHub Account number, NRIC/FIN, contact number and email address so that we can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you.- Josephine

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Re: Value disappeared

Hi, I have the same problem ever since I bought the Happy Surf prepaid card last year. I always think it was due to my mishandling until I disappeared this community just with users complaining about this problem.


There are many times I too up the main value and then leave it aside for future usage. Most of the time I turn off the phone but after a while I turn on again as I need to use, I realise all my balance has gone. I have no choice but to top up again to the value that I need. I wonder why my prepaid values can disappear even I have not used the account at all.


Yesterday (1-July-2017) I encountered an even more ridiculous experience when I was in Philippines. I topped up my main balance from $2 to $12. I did not use any of the topped up balance because I had already purchased a roaming data plan. I topped up simply because I received a pop up message warning that my main balance was low. Today the balance dropped to $4. Where on earth the $8 was used?


Please help. When replying, please do not just refer to the above example. In general there have been many times my topped up balance disappearing without being used for past 1 year and I believe I have lost more than $50 this way. The above example is to show how ridiculous the situation can be. I would like to specify that the phone with this prepaid card is off when I am not using and the balance can be lost during these off periods.


kindly provide me with a reasonable answer for such lost balances, otherwise I feel it is justified to return me at least $50 of balances.


Thank you.



Peng Wee

Community Manager

Re: Value disappeared

Hi @ pwlua


We're concerned about this and would like to check your usage logs for verification.


Please send me your NRIC/FIN number, Prepaid number and e-mail via Private Message and I'll be in touch. 


- Amy
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Re: Value disappeared

Hi, i have the same problem too. I top up 2 sim card for $10 on 11 nov and want to use it with my gubby on 15 nov but when i insert the sim card in at the airport. I was shocked that i left $4+ and  another card have $1 or less left.


end up i have to do a topup online on my card and my hubby buy an oversea sim card instead.


please kindly assist.