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The Happy Roam Guide

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Re: The Happy Roam Guide

Hi, I'd like to clarify what do they meant by "A minimum main wallet balance of $8 is required in your Prepaid SIM for Prepaid Roaming Service".


I'm intending to buy a $8 prepaid card (with $10 credits), and using it to activate a 30-days 1.2Gb data plan at $10.


However, after activating the data plan, I'd have $0 balance in the card. So, am I able to roam?

The minimum $8 requirement is before or after I activate the data plan?

Grand Guru

Re: The Happy Roam Guide

A minimum Main Wallet balance of $8 is required at all time.

As Balance means after deducting the cost of the data plan.

It is better to leave more balance so that should you use the phone for calls, sms, which may fall below the $8 requirement.


Do download and use the Happy Prepaid app, as it is complete guide for usage.


Do note that you need to activate the new Prepaid SIM card.

Activate the Prepaid SIM is by either making a call or sms.

Before you leave, do ensure all the setting is done, such as; activate roaming on the Happy Prepaid app, and any other changes/settings, if nec.

This is due to that to log in to Happy Prepaid app, there will be a sms on the pin number send to the phone with the Prepaid SIM in order to log in.




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Re: The Happy Roam Guide

I have activated my roaming for 3 days this morning (30 Sep) to be used in Malaysia. However, upon arrival there is no service at all.


I have restarted my phone and re-installed the APN. Not sure what went wrong but it has caused a lot of inconvenience upon my arrival!

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Re: The Happy Roam Guide

Hi painterfive, I'd like to help so please PM me with your full name, NRIC/FIN and the mobile number.

- Sal