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Starhub pre-paid card price with double digits number.

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Starhub pre-paid card price with double digits number.

My helper bought a Happy pre-paid card at a Mobile store in Pasir Ris West Plaza for $20.00. Stated on the card is Value of $18 and pay only $15. I went to the store to inquire on why she had to pay additional $5.00 and was told by the store owner that Starhub charges extra if the phone number chosen has a double digit eg 9xxx33xx. I asked for a receipt to verify this and was only given a handwritten receipt stated Starhub - $20. My neighbour bought the same card for her helper with a double digit number at 7-11 and she paid only $15.


Is it true that Starhub has such policy for this double digit number? If it isn't so, then I gather that this store is taking advantage of Starhub's name in order to charge an extra $5.00 per card to their customer. It is not only for Starhub but also M1 and Singtel as this special numbers with pricing is listed at the entrance of the store.


Appreciate some clarification in this matter. I can produce the receipt as well as the address of this store.Thank you


Re: Starhub pre-paid card price with double digits number.

Hi sheeza,

This seems unusual. However, to be fair, I would like to give the shop an opportunity to provide their explanation before we come to any conclusion.

Would you send us details via the following link so that we can follow up with you?

Thank you

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