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Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Valued Commentator

Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Hello StarHub, 


It looks like this Personal Hotspot are not available to prepaid Happy travel card. When you wanted to activate, you get this message  “ To enable personal hotspot on this account, contact StarHub “. 


Getting thru the customer service 1633 for support are extremely difficult. 


But, if managed to get thru the line, you will be disappointed that there are no capable support or advice to help fixed the problem. 


The standard excuse are this is the mobile phone maker technical issue, not theirs. Simply, push away their responsibility. Imagine you paid good money for a prepaid SIM card from a respectable service provider and you get bad service or no help at all. I think, their primary aim is to “skin” the buyer. No difference with a third rate fly by night operator.


I paid good money for a $12 prepaid travel card but unable to do Hotspot with my Apple iPhone 7 Plus. These StarHub customer service staff informed that is Apple iPhone problems and not theirs. But, Apple technical support verify with my phone settings and claimed no issue. So, whose problem?


Fair, user problem. Everyone wanted to hide from fixing the matter.


However, another prepaid SIM was purchased from provider-SingTel. 


Hotspot works perfectly with the same iphone 7, no issue. Hassle free.


Questions for StarHub; you do have a very bad/ poor serious customer service problem. Please don’t hide when your customer call in for assistance. Honestly, advise your customer that your prepaid SIM card are unreliable when Hotspot are concerned because of cheap service. I do hope there is a service review, certainly I would want my $12 card to be able to utilise the hotspot function. 


Is there any StarHub staff who takes pride in their work cares to contact and assist to fix the issue. 









Alumni (Retired)

Re: Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Hey Glimsh,


Follow the steps below to enable hotspot on your iOS device. - Han



For iOS users, please follow the below steps to set up before trying to turn on mobile hotspot.
Step 1: Make sure the iPhone is updated to iOS version 11.0 and above
Step 2: Go to Settings> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network> Under Pesonal Hotspot, update APN to shppd 

Valued Commentator

Re: Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Thanks Han, 


My iPhone 7 Plus iOS are (version 11.4.1), the APN are already set to shppd . 


It doesn’t work! 



New Commentator

Re: Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Aame problem here. And APN setting is totally not helpful.

Community Manager

Re: Set Up Pesonal Hotspot Prepaid Happy Travel Card

Hi judeChenqx


Mobile hotspot tethering is subjected to the availability of the preferred partners' networks in destinations. If you're unable to hotspot, simply roam normally without the function.


- Amy