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My starhub number is 9814 8793.

im Singtel user so basically what  I do is that when I’m in Singapore I use my Singtel number that is 8533 8118. When I’m in overseas I use the starhub number. I buy the prepaid card for the sake of data to WhatsApp and other apps, especially when I’m in China. I bought it end of March this year. Well I first use it on April. There was deduction a bit but I didn’t think anything much cause I taught there was  deduction was everyday thing until this month I realise that it has been deducting $2 to $3 in a day and further more is prepaid card I want to know why. My left over balance was suppose to be $8 so then I top up $20 so in total should be $28 I then bought 3 day 1 GB data at $5 so it should left with $23. I happily departed to KIX at 5/5 on the 6/5 I realise my balance become $15. I search high and low for what the charges maybe but there was no where to be found so I then send a feedback to the starhub but no one seem to reply me over the e-mail. So I waited till I am back in SG. I called the operator on the 9/5 they told me I have been using ISMS clearly why Would I want to do that where I purchase for the data sake. they will send it to the technical department and they will call me within 24 to 48 hours. I waited no one called. I keep calling your operator 7 times to check on what’s going on cause no one call me. Judging from there I’m guessing your company works in a way that employee got to work earning money for free but your customer is doing the work. Anyway. Finally on the 15/5 I called they had my result. Why do I have to called and to find out that I have finally has result aren’t anyone of you should have called me? On top of that I wasn’t too happy to know the result. I send screenshot of proof that I didn’t send any text and your operator telling me I have send a text to UK? May I know who the hell is that person cause I have no contact of UK number at all. I want a full refund.... with immediate affect. And your operator has the guts to say he can’t refund me and telling what happen if it happen again!!!! Your system on how to do customer recovery and your prepaid service system sucks just like you!!!  Honestly i don’t understand why do I even have to wait for 1 week to get the result and I have to call myself? Gee I wonder I’m doing all the work to chase where is my money. I should get double the refund because I’m doing work to chase you guys where you guys is the one who suppose to be caontacting me!!!

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Re: Prepaid

Hi Neediah


Please send me your full name, NRIC/FIN/Passport number and your Prepaid Number via Private Message and I'll be in touch.


- Amy
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Re: Prepaid

Zaineediah zainudin
9814 8793
Community Manager

Re: Prepaid

We note that our colleague has assisted you with regard to this matter. Should you require further assistance, let us know. 

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