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Prepaid balance gone. Again!

Senior Contributor

Re: Prepaid balance gone. Again!

Good luck with getting a solution from Starhub. I’ve been chasing for almost a month now and my card wallet is still at $0.02. 


News have reported that Starhub is retrenching staff but the customer-facing ones are not affected. Maybe they are the ones who need the wake-up call.


Have never been this frustrated with a service provider. 

Respected Contributor

Re: Prepaid balance gone. Again!

yeasterday i have abbout 600mb left and proceeded to top-up $10 so that i could buy another data bundle. after topping up, i saw i got 500mb local data given.


but kept getting only on 3g (cannot get 4g) and today when i logged in using wifi, my data AND $10 balance all BECAME ZERO!


in transcation record i see top-up of $10 on 7 March, NO OTHER TRANSACTIONS


What happened to my money and balance data???