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Prepaid Travel Balance Missing

New Commentator

Prepaid Travel Balance Missing

Hello, I'm on a prepaid travel plan and I started receiving messages claiming that I had less than $2 in my main balance, when right before I know had around $50. I checked again and all of a sudden it says my balance is $1. My transaction records show nothing, so it's not as if I accidentally bought a package. Please let me know who I should get in contact with to get my credit back. Thank you! 

Community Manager

Re: Prepaid Travel Balance Missing

Hi davidsgk, thanks for contacting us. As this requires us to refer to
your account details, we are unable to assist you here on StarHub
Community. Please direct your query over to Facebook messenger
( or Twitter Direct Message
( so that we can log a case for
you and respond to you there. Thank you!

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