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Prepaid Balance goes $0.00

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Prepaid Balance goes $0.00

Hi all,


I have a data plan which was expiring (then), with about 1gb data and $22.xx in my main wallet. Due to my work committments I was unable to get to my phone in time and I missed the hour and my data plan expired leaving everything to '0'. Smiley Sad 


As I was to purchase a new plan, my wallet showed $0.00 balance. I called the Prepaid Hotline and unable to get through. 


I managed to speak to a nice officer 4 hours later (I did not hold on to the line, I had work to do) and she assisted and checked for me. She told me she will help putting back $14.xx into the wallet. The other $7.xx was used up while I was connected to my data using my Whatsapp and Facebook.... and some imgur......  Smiley Surprised  I told her from the time my data went '0', I did not turn on mobile data on my HP at all. And even if I did, what was there to deduct as it shows $0.00. I was getting to purchase data/new plan but unable to because the balance was blank. She just said that it shows on the records.


About an hour or so later, i checked my wallet shows $14.08.

That was about 5 hours ago....


Any managers or administrators would like to assist to me on this, as it sure sounds strange.

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Re: Prepaid Balance goes $0.00

Hi ankabut


That certainly sounds strange. Let me arrange for assistance on this. Can you provide me your full name, NRIC, contact number and email address via Private Message and we'll keep in touch?