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Personal Hotspot: iPhone worked but iPad didn't

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Personal Hotspot: iPhone worked but iPad didn't

I have a question about Happy Roam. I bought a Happy Prepaid SIM card ($32, 4G Travel SIM) at SIN airport and used it with my iPhone 7. It worked well, and personal hotspot also worked with no problem when I was staying in Singapore. I inserted the SIM card into my iPad Pro at some point, and it also worked with no problem for local data and personal hotspot.


I visited Japan after that and tried to use the roaming service of the SIM card. I purchased a 1.2GB data plan in addition to the 2GB data which was already included. I installed APN setting via Happy Prepaid App, and enabling "Roaming" in my iPhone setting worked well for both data and personal hotspot. However, I noticed that when I inserted the SIM card into my iPad Pro, 4G data worked but personal hotspot did not work.


FAQ #17 says "for IOS users, update APN to shppd under personal hotspot". iPhone setting panel showed APN for "personal hotspot" and for "mobile data" separately and I could change them. As explained earlier, both worked even in Japan with no problem. The same setting panel in iPad Pro had only one APN for "mobile data". I could not change APN for "personal hotspot" or could not activate personal hotspot itself.  Mobile data worked well.


I tried iPhone 7, iPad Pro, and iPad Air. iPhone worked for the both, but two iPads did only for mobile data, not for personal hotspot.  No APN setting field for personal hotspot was shown in the two iPads.


How do I solve this issue? I am now using the SIM card with my iPhone in Japan because I want to use personal hotspot service, but I want to use it with iPad if possible. The version numbers of the devices I tried are the following:


iPhone 7: IOS 11.1.2 + StarHub 30.0
iPad Air: IOS 11.3 + StarHub 32.0
iPad Pro: IOS 11.3 + StarHub 32.0


Please let me know if I am missing something or here is not for this kind of question. Thank you.

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Re: Personal Hotspot: iPhone worked but iPad didn't

Hi @ hrs



For iOS users, please follow the below steps to set up before trying to turn on mobile hotspot.

Step 1: Make sure the iPhone is updated to iOS version 11.0 and above
Step 2: Go to Settings> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Options > Mobile Data Network> Under Pesonal Hotspot, update APN to shppd 


If no to Step 1:  Access from the browser in your device and select 'Install Profile'. Select 'Install' to install the APN Profile.


- Amy
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Re: Personal Hotspot: iPhone worked but iPad didn't

Hi Amy_Law,


Thank you for your reply, but I already tried the steps described in FAQ which are exactly the same as one you quoted.  I guess the iOS profile does not change APN for personal hotspot in the case of iPad.