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No service

Senior Commentator

No service



I bought this StarHub happy 4G Prepaid SIM yesterday. I was able to use mobile data (like Google Maps) this morning using this SIM.


Since this afternoon the mobile data has ceased to work. My android phone says "No service". Google Maps and other apps say there is no network. Strangely I can still make local calls on this SIM. The antenna symbol on my phone shows an excellent 4G reception.


Could someone help me? I'm staying in Singapore only for 6 more days. . . .

Community Manager

Re: No service

Hi @ ryofurue


Have you restarted your handset or tried placing your SIM Card in another handset to see if this helps solve the issue?


Do also confirm if you've checked that your prepaid balance is not $0.


Send me your NRIC/FIN/Passport number and your Prepaid Number via Private Message and I'll be in touch.


- Amy
Senior Commentator

Re: No service

Thank you, Amy, for your kind help.


Short reply: The problem is gone away!


Long reply: I'm not 100% sure what's going on. Currently, data connection works, but my phone keeps saying "No service". Perhaps the error message is a minor glitch.


What did I do to restore the data connection? I'm not sure either, but at one point, I discovered that data connection was disabled in the "Settings". I turned it on and data connection started. It's working since last night. Let's hope this stays like this till the end of my stay. Five more days to go!




Alumni (Retired)

Re: No service

Thank you for the update, Ryo. Please continue to monitor the connection and let us know if you require any other assistance. - Sofia