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Moving Wallet balance to buy Data Plan

Respected Commentator

Moving Wallet balance to buy Data Plan

My current 7 day data plan is expired. I have 10 SPD in main wallet, and want to purchase the 24 hour data plan (i am in Indonesia). When I access the app, it says network is unavailable.  When i use the *123 etc,  3 for plans, 1 for data plan, it says "connection problem or invalid MMI code"


How can i use the wallet fund to buy the 24 hour data plan?

Community Manager

Re: Moving Wallet balance to buy Data Plan

Hi subaculture, can you try reinstalling the Prepaid APN using the Happy Prepaid App again, restarting your handset or placing your SIM Card in another handset to see if this helps resolve this issue? If not, please send me a private message with your name, NRIC/FIN, prepaid number and email address so that I can get in touch and assist you further. Thank you