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Loss of $15 main wallet balance (System issue?)

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Loss of $15 main wallet balance (System issue?)

2 prepaid cards I bought (one for a friend and one for my daughter) don't work overseas and their main wallet balance were deducted unknowingly.


I bought a $15 prepaid happy roam card for a foreign friend who came to visit Singapore on 16 Aug 2017.  He was able to use it in Singapore and before we left Singapore, his main wallet showed a balance of $15.  He off his phone when we were driving and when we reached Melaka, his happy prepaid app showed his balance to be $2.70.  We could not figure out why and he was unable to use the prepaid card when we were in Melaka.

When we were back in Singapore, he went to a Starhub shop to enquire and was told they can't do anything as the system showed that the balance was gone.

I was embarrassed and I don't think my friend will ever use Starub prepaid card again and will likely share his terrible experience with his friends.


My daughter who is now in US (Chicago) also experienced difficulty in using her happy prepaid card.  I have activated the card for her in Singapore before she travelled.  The happy prepaid app showed 2 different numbers at 2 occassions when she checked her balance.  Her balance is also showed as $2.70, much like my friend's.


Is there a system issue at your end in Starhub?


Can you please advise how you can help?


Thank you!

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Re: Loss of $15 main wallet balance (System issue?)



There is a minimum balance of $3 required when roaming overseas. Do top up the prepaid cards and you'll get connection back.


The missing credits may have been used via roaming data.


- Amy