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Issue with arbitrary deduction of Starhub Prepaid Mobile's Balances

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Issue with arbitrary deduction of Starhub Prepaid Mobile's Balances

I bought a Starhub Prepaid Card for my spare phone. However, after almost 3 months of usage, I have rude shock that Starhub Prepaid service seems to have issues with the computation of main credit balance usage as well as data usage. Worst still, messages sent via the Starhub happy Prepaid App have been ignored.


Issue reported on 17 June 2018

"I wrote in yesterday reporting the shortfall in my Main Credit balance. The SMS from Starhub timestamped 1651pm said I have $18 of Main Balance and $2 Bonus Credit but the App only showed I have only $4 in Main Credit Balance.


Then about one hour later the app showed a main credit balance of $15.40 but the bonus credit balance remains at zero. I used $10 of the main credit balance to purchase a 30 day 1.2GB data plan. The $10 was promptly deducted. However I have yet to hear from Starhub what happened to the $2.60 Main Credit Balance and the $2 bonus credit balance. I have all the screenshots to substantiate my claim. Please revert at the soonest as there seems to be no way I could speak to someone at Customer Care at 9850000 which put me on hold for 15 minutes when I called yesterday.'


Then same issue occurred again when my data balance was due to expire today 16 July 2018 at 17:50 as indicated on the Starhub happy Prepaid and the SMS sent to my mobile. Instead, as of 08:21AM, Starhub wiped out my entire 440.76MB of data and $3.60 of Main Balance.

So this is the message I sent via Starhub happy Prepaid App today 16 July 2018:
Please investigate this again. While my previous issue had not been addressed, the same thing happened again. As of today, 16 July 08:25am my main account is supposed to have $3.62 balance and my data is supposed to have 440.76MB left and it is due to expire on 16 July 17:50pm. So I proceeded to update my apps. However, I have a rude shock when I received successive SMS message that my main account balance now has $0.22 and I do not have any data left. This is shocking. This is suggestive of something seriously wrong with your system.

Given that you previously ignored my escalation, please take this as my final escalation to Starhub to look into these serious anomalies and revert at the soonest, failing which I will escalate this to the IMDA without referring to you. It’s not so much of the issue but rather the fact that I don’t even have a decent Customer Service who can respond and look into the issues escalated that frustrates me."
Sorry as I hate to (and have no time to) escalate issues to regulator but this is getting absurd as my balances have been deducted arbitrarily and there is no customer service officer to contact to address the issues.
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Re: Issue with arbitrary deduction of Starhub Prepaid Mobile's Balances

Hi topgann, 


Do allow me to pick this issue up and assist you further. I would need you to provide me with your details (Full name, NRIC/FIN, mobile number, email) via PM  . - Han