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Help: Added wrong topup option

Valued Commentator

Help: Added wrong topup option

Hi there,


I have topped up using happy 55 a few minutes ago, but I never knew that it was a purchase for a bundle, and not credit for my account to use for data plan. Can the staff please help me refund the mistaken transaction, as I plan on topping up with a normal credit option. Thanks!




Re: Help: Added wrong topup option

Hi @andai, if you have not clicked the confirmation button, you would be able to click "Back" to re-select your preferred amount. However, since your top-up transaction was completed, unfortunately, there will be no refund. 


~ Carla

~ Carla
Valued Commentator

Re: Help: Added wrong topup option

Hi Carla,

I understand, however, it was a bit misleading to see the other non-credit
purchase options along with the normal amounts, as a recent StarHub
customer, it did disappoint me that the app was willing to mislead me into
purchasing the wrong option, as there were no clear notices on the app
about the exact details of the topup option. I would really appreciate it
if you would be able to refund $15 and undo the happy 55, and I would be
happy to use your services again after coming back home. I hope you can
understand my situation, thank you.